The Learning Environments, the Center for Teaching Excellence, the Center for Written, Oral, and Visual Communication, and Fondren library are piloting a Faculty Engagement Meet-up event this Fall to showcase effective teaching and learning methods.


  1. Showcase effective teaching and learning methods
  2. Highlight creative work
  3. Spark innovative teaching and learning methods
  4. Connect faculty who has similar interests
  5. Build a communication platform
  6. Make supporting staff more visible


  • An hour long event
  • 4 -6 presenters, each 4-6 minutes
  • 30 minutes discussion

Steering Committee

  • Elizabeth A. Festa, Associate Director for the Center for Teaching Excellence 
  • Kim Ricker, Head of GIS/Data Center, Fondren Library 
  • Joshua Eyler, Director, Center for Teaching Excellence
  • Angela Rabuck,  Manager, Teaching & Scholarly Learning, OIT
  • Lisa Spiro, Executive Director of Digital Scholarship Services, Fondren Library
  • Jane Zhao, Director, Digital Media Commons, Fondren Library

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